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Eoropie Beach

A fabulous beach with a long sweep of white sand and dunes. An excellent beach for surfing. There is a car park with picnic tables. A great place to begin the coastal walk. Eoropie Dunes play park is adjacent to the parking area.

Teampall Mholuaidh

St Moluag's church is a 13th Century church in the village of Eoropie in Ness in the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. The church has a basic T shaped structure, with two small chapels on either side of the main body of the church. The southern chapel can only be accessed from outside.

The Trussel Stone

Past the Morven Gallery, stands the Trussel stone, the largest Standing Stone in Scotland (6 Mt.). This area was also the site of the last battle between the Macaulays and Morrisons.

Port of Ness

A lovely working fishing and recreational port with a couple of cafes and a gallery. The beach next to the habour has beautiful golden sand and is usually wonderfully protected from the elements on a windy day.

The Butt of Lewis

The Butt of Lewis is the most northerly point of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides. The headland, which lies in the North Atlantic, is frequently battered by heavy swells and storms and is marked by the Butt of Lewis Lighthouse. It was built in 1862 by the Stevenson brothers.

Dùn Èistean

Dùn Èistean is a multi-period archaeological site on an inter- tidal sea stack on the north east coast of the Isle of Lewis, near the village of Knockaird. It is accorded the status of traditional stronghold of Clan Morrison – once a highly powerful family within the Lordship of the Isles – in local oral tradition. 

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